In order to better assist you, we provide a number of services to individuals, whether you are an international foreign law graduate student or foreign lawyer admitted to the practice of law in your home country. We provide individuals we a range of options and discuss your individual and particular needs.

Even though, the U.S. bar admission is a complex system of rules and procedures, our services will provide you with the best possible outcomes and strategies to better equip you to make an informed decision. Our services range from:

  • Provide personal consultation
  • Providing strategies
  • Providing counseling
  • Provide navigating the system
  • Reviewing applications
  • Review documentation
  • Assist in preparation of applications
  • Provide guidance on the U.S. bar
  • Discuss LL.M Master of Laws programs
  • Providing recommendations
  • Providing full bar review course and materials
  • Providing full bar exam appeal
  • Fees vary according to the type of services

To discuss your particular needs, contact us to see how we can serve and assist you.