Whether you are an international foreign law graduate or a foreign lawyer admitted to the practice of law in your home country seeking admission to the U.S. bar, our goal is to assist you in your objective and goal is seeking bar admission. While the U.S. system can indeed be a very complex system to navigate, our expertise will provide you with sound advice and assistance.

As part of our services, we provide you with the best possible solutions and strategies to achieve your goal of U.S. bar admissions. Having the experience helps us to better understand your needs and desires and better equips us in working with you through the entire process whether you need guidance, review of documentation, bar review or bar exam appeals, etc.

It is always better to seek guidance and assistance from individuals who know the system and process, who will be in a much better position to provide you with the help you need. While individuals may have a common knowledge of certain such as California or New York, what they fail to understand is that such states also have a high failure rate of foreign law graduates and foreign lawyers.

Individuals fail to consider alternative options to the New York bar and California bar, since they think it is easier to meet the eligibility requirements, even though this may be true, but fail to consider the bar passage rates in those states. The following are some statistics that will help the potential applicant understand the bar passage rate for international foreign law graduates or foreign lawyers whose law school education was outside the United States.

These statistics do not mention what particular school or country the applicant was from or whether the individual undertook any additional education to meet the eligibility requirements, but just gives the number of people taking the exam, the number passing and the percentage. The grid below will start with the figures for the California bar and then the figures for the New York bar from 2011 to 2015.

California Bar

Number Taking Passing Pass Percentage
764 127 17%
812 142 17%
911 154 17%
1,031 148 14%
1,142 200 18%

New York

Number Taking Passing Pass Percentage
4,427 1,442 33%
4,675 1,604 34%
4,602 1,588 35%
4,813 1,565 33%
4,754 1,454 31%

While choosing a state in which to take the bar exam is an applicant’s choice, it is important that your decision is made wisely, since limited options exist in states such as California and New York. For example, these states do not allow an applicant to appeal their bar exam results. This is where our expertise and services come into play.